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Any poker player will tell you, it is not just the way chips look that is important when making a purchase, it is the way they sound when you shuffle them in your hands and the noise the make when you "splash the pot!"

Previous to the Showdown, players had to rely on vague descriptions on how chips sounded and felt in comparison to real clay casino chips. Sure, they could order sample packs, but having one chip per style can't really tell you how they sound when in play.

Now, with the Poker Chip Showdown at ePokerDeals, you can really see and hear how different grades of poker chips compare to each other. There is a big difference in how different grades of chips sound and feel, and we want you to have as much information as you require before making a purchase decision.

The videos and descriptions below should take care of most of your questions about the poker chips we offer, the only variable we can't provide, other than a description, is the way the chips feel in your hand. This can be easily taken care of by ordering our "Showdown Sampler" which contains one of each chip featured in a video on this page. This sample pack will give you an excellent "feel" for the different grades of chips we offer.

How to play at the Poker Chip Showdown:

The first time you visit this page and click on a video, it will take 10 seconds to 1 minute for the player to load. After you click the play button and it plays all the way through (12 seconds), you can click on any other video and it will play instantly. You can even play two videos at one time if you like. Don't forget to turn up your volume!

Have fun, and if you have any questions about any of our chips, please contact us at showdown@epokerdeals.com and one of our product specialists will get back to you promptly. 
Let the Showdown begin! - ePokerDeals

Pro Quality

If you are, or are buying for a poker enthusiast, then our Pro Quality chips are what you should consider purchasing. There is nothing better than these chips for home use .

Description: This is a real clay casino chip. This is the type of chip that all chips are measured against. Notice the sound the chips make is a soft "clicking" sound. That's Vegas talkin!

Selection: Our Paulson chips are of this caliber.

Description: This is a ceramic chip. These chips are a popular favorite among poker players and are found in many casinos as well. They are made of a ceramic material which gives them the ability to accept high quality full chip graphics. You will find that most casinos use a combination of clay, ceramic, and composite chips throughtout their establishments.

Selection: Our Next Level Custom Poker Chips, Wicked Spades, Classic Roman,Pokertini Lounge, Poker Pad, Lucky Symbols, Electric Iguana and Vintage Ink.

Mid Quality

Our Mid-Quality line of chips but are priced for those who want to come close to the sound and feel of professional chips, but would prefer to keep within a certain budget. The chips in this section are quality chips made with varying manufacturing processes to give them the casino feel and sound. The term "Clay Composite" is thrown around a lot when describing poker chips - the truth is that there is no regulation or even an accurate definition of what "Clay Composite" really means! Is it 50% clay, 10%, 5%, 1% ? We have seen descriptions of chips that we know 100% to be 100% plastic chips being described as "Clay Composite." We want you to be the judge, listen to these chips and decide for yourself which ones provide the combination of look, sound and price you are after. Most have metal inserts for added weight, this is not necessarily a bad thing, what matters is what surrounds the metal insert, and how that material sounds and feels.

Description: This our Vegas Original line of chips. A very nice edge spot design as well as an excellent sound and feel make these our number one selling Mid-Quality poker chip. This is also a chip that is counterfeited regularly. Weight: 9 Grams. Metal Insert: No.

Selection: Our Vegas Original and 9 gram Blank chips are this style of chip. The 9 gram blank has a different edge spot than the Vegas Original, see the product description and pictures for more details.
Description: This is our NEXGEN line of chips. These chips are very popular not only because of the design and feel, but also because of the recessed center that many players use to make custom chip labels. These chips have a metal insert, but is not very noticeable due to the outer material. Weight: 12 Grams Metal Insert: Yes

Selection: Our Nexgen,  Nexgen Series 2,  and Nexgen River Poker Tour chips are this style of chip. The difference between the chips is the design only.
Description: This video is of our 13.5 Gram Suited line of chips. They stack and feel very nice. These chips do have a metal insert, but is not very noticeable due to the outer material. These chips are a great value, combining looks, weight and feel. Weight: 13.5 Grams. Metal Insert: Yes

Selection: Our Stripe Suit and Double Suit  chips are this style of chip. The difference between the chips is the design only.
Description: This video is of our Jackpot Casino  chips. On both sides, all chips have a full-color photo montage of "Fabulous Las Vegas" and its sights - the high quality graphics are what sets this chip apart. These chips do have a metal insert, but is not very noticeable due to the outer material. Weight: 12 Grams. Metal Insert: Yes

Selection: Our Jackpot Casino chips are this style of chip. Our Royal Flush chips are also similar in sound and feel.
Description: This video is of our Jack Pot Coin line of chips. The coin is solid and goes all the way through the chip. We are quite surprised that this does not give the chip a "clinky" sound. Weight: 12 Grams

Selection: Our Jackpot Coin chips are this style of chip. 


Home Quality

These chips vary in price and design, but they are all 11.5 gram chips with a metal insert. The "dice style design" are typically what you would find in a department store. We offer many color and style choices in this line of chips.  Although some call these "Clay Composite," the reality is they are generally a plastic composite material. These chips are excellent for the occasional player, or for those wanting a colorful chip with interesting designs and color combinations.
Description: This video is of our Home Quality line of chips. These chips vary in colors and design. As you can hear, they have a noticeably different sound when they are splashed or shuffled. Great for the occasional player.

Selection: Our Home Quality chips come in a wide variety of colors and styles. From the Texas Hold 'em design to the Suited. these chips are 
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